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Why We Need A Nevele Casino

As a lifetime resident of the Town, I have seen the changes in the past fifty years.

The hotel industry once defined our community, but those vibrant businesses are now mostly a distant memory. The factories that once employed over 1700 of our friends and neighbors are now closed. Unemployment is at 18 percent in the Town of Wawarsing and Village Ellenville. And due to the high unemployment rate, Wawarsing has one of the most expensive public assistance budgets in our county.


The legislation that was passed to create casino gambling was designed to uplift economically challenged areas with high unemployment. The Town of Wawarsing and Village of Ellenville symbolize communities this legislation was intended to help.

We need to attract new business to the area that will put people back to work.

Today, I ask the Gaming Commission for your support for a license for the Nevele Resort Casino and Spa so we can create 2000 much needed jobs for the Town of Wawarsing and the Village of Ellenville. This project will not only create many needed jobs, but it will serve as the beginning of an economic revival for our community.

Every day I meet someone in town, in my office, or I receive a phone call stating they are looking for employment. I say to them, "We have a chance, we have a chance — be patient — be patient, jobs may be on their way!"

Our residents want this project.

I have over 17 years of public service and over this period of time our local leaders have worked to improve our infrastructure, which includes public water and sewer projects including a new filtration plant. We have just been approved for a USDA grant and loan in the amount of $3,846,000 for the hamlet of Kerhonkson, which includes, new water tanks, water meters, and more. We have also worked closely with our highway departments to maintain our road network.

We are ready for the Nevele.

In addition, we have many tourist attractions and attractive qualities that show our community is ready. First our environmental resources are second to none. Lippman Park has some of the most extensive bike trail networks in the region, our rail trail extends through many parts of our town and continues to expand, and Sam's Point Preserve is so gorgeous that words CANNOT truly do it justice. We have dozens of fantastic and unique restaurants that highlight the creative ingenuity of our business leaders. Our Shadowland Theatre offers the best plays in the Hudson Valley.

We also have other unique resources like a hang-gliding industry, many golf courses, a very well run hospital, and a small airport.

But despite the many things we have and the many businesses working hard in different sectors of our economy, the fact remains that our community has a staggeringly high 18 percent unemployment rate.

We have worked closely with the management of The Nevele Resort Casino and Spa and have completed the environmental impact studies. They are shovel-ready.

In closing, I would like to say, the Nevele project has united the Town of Wawarsing and the Village of Ellenville like no other issue in the last 50 years. Earlier this year our residents sent thousands and thousands of letters to Albany voicing their support their support. When rallies and events are held to support the Nevele project our citizens always come out in great numbers to show their enthusiasm. The entire community has time and time again declared in one voice, "We want and need the Nevele Casino!" Let's put the thousands of residents of the Town of Wawarsing and the Village of Ellenville back to work. Please support a casino at the Nevele and help us begin an economic revival.

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