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Transition Reconnect
A New Potluck For Community Building

MARBLETOWN – Spring has sprung, and Transition Marbletown is planning a couple of events to help people reconnect with each other and their community. Residents will be able to attend a community potluck meal, and also have the opportunity to attend a retreat about the Transition movement at the Omega Institute.

The Transition movement, of which Marbletown is now seen as a leading light, grew out of a single weekend of training in Sebastopol, CA — based on a British idea — and resulted, within three years, in more than 400 towns signing onto the movement nationwide. Currently, Marbletown — which was officially recognized as the 108th Transition Initiative in December, 2011 — has been pegged as the region's chief example of the movement by growing "like wildfire," hosting regular monthly meetings, reporting to its community's supportive town board, and creating a regular health clinic as just a few of its accomplishments.

Transition describes itself as "a vibrant grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis." Its new Hub initiative seeks to "connect and facilitate communication between several transition towns in a given region." Transition Initiative Principles include a dozen elements aimed at not only coalescing citizen action, but also opening new dialogue lines with local government and business within cogent communities.

�"What is the alternative? Fair, just, green economic sustainability hinges on the work of citizen activists," said one of the local organizers of the entire Transition movement. "What can we do locally? Step up! Bring your gifts, talents, right-livelihood and creativity to the community table. Help lay the ground work for a new economy."

May 14 is the date for the "classic community potluck," with the meal slated to kick off at 6 p.m. in the Marbletown Community Center. All are welcome to this traditional American community event, with everyone asked bring a dish to share and a card which lists its ingredients. Anyone interested in attending (Marbletown residency not required) should RSVP with an email to [email protected].

The retreat, scheduled from May 19-23, includes three distinct parts, some of which are entirely free to participants. Food and lodging for the first two days are being offered by the Omega Institute at a discounted rate, and free of charge for the remaining two. May 20 and 21 are to be taken up with a Training for Transition session, focusing on preparing people to guide the Transition Town movement which has made such a strong showing in Marbletown. There will be a Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub regional event the following day, May 22, and the final day of the retreat, May 23, is slated for an Eco-Spirit and Inner Transition Day.

For information on any of these events and how to attend, visit for contact information.

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