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The Price We Pay For A Full Signal

What would you do if you knew your cell phone and the router from your Wi-Fi caused a list of health conditions? You would be enormously inconvenienced, but, most of you would probably stop using cell phones, as well as revert back to wired internet connections, until they came up with something safe.

What if I told you that there has been nothing short of an informational war happening behind the scenes, where unbiased peer reviewed scientific studies have been the target of crafty wordsmiths hired by the telecommunications industry? Scores of their public relations employees scour the internet to combat, contradict, and dilute, clear and convincing data, indicating that our cell phones and unchecked use of Wi-Fi, do in fact, damage our DNA, cause tumors, increase heat shock proteins, block intracellular communication, reduce melatonin, degrade memory and cognitive functions.

This is the war that is currently being waged. And there's a lot on the line. As usual it's a classic battle between the informed and the uninformed, which is the basis of every legitimate class action law suit ever waged over a company's liability for knowingly releasing a dangerous product. Every time you lift a cell phone to your head, you're challenging your central nervous system, interrupting your cells from communicating with one another, and most likely breaking DNA strands.

Independently funded scientists have been warning us for several years about the effects of non-ionizing radiation coming from our cell phones. And for those of us unlucky enough to live within a quarter of a mile from a cell tower, the radiation is constant. In my town of Gardiner, NY, they plan on erecting two towers, one atop the Town Hall, the second on South Mountain Road. There are dozens of angry and fearful residents, but if everyone knew the price they pay for a full signal, there would be more resistance. Though the cell tower is but a secondary problem, the first being our addiction to cell phones, we cannot live among antennas without paying for it.

For those of us with wireless routers in our homes, our bedrooms, our children's bedrooms, the radiation doesn't stop. A router is essentially a mini cell tower. We're bathing in it. And hundreds of well meaning scientists have been trying to get research and alarming findings through the heavily fortified blockades the corporate establishment has constructed, but their efforts to reach a main stream media not in the pocket of the industry in question has been consistently thwarted.

But you do not need to wait for the FDA, EPA or FCC to publicly announce that new findings suggest cell phones may cause health hazards, despite our previous beliefs they were safe. They are not safe. Repeat: they are not safe. In fact they are even less safe for our children, who are using them constantly. Their skulls allow an even greater penetration of radiation and because their central nervous systems are still growing, their cells are exposed more often, making them even more vulnerable to genotoxins, such as non-ionizing radiation.

Several years ago I started to get head pain that none of my doctors could diagnose. After some time I realized the pain was directly associated with using my cell phone and any time spent by a wireless router. One of my doctors told me he had heard of this condition called Electro Hypersensitivity Syndrome. Bingo. That's exactly what I have. I thought it was just me who had this strange condition. Through my own research, I've found hundreds of articles, essays, books, chat rooms, web pages, international coalitions to support and inform one another about this growing condition. One of many reputable web sites is ElectromagneticHealth.Org. There are communities around the world picketing the installation of cell towers. There are people living in communities set up for them by local governments that are insulated from the kind of radiation coming from towers or cell phones. But the number of electrically sensitive people is growing. Because I am electrically sensitive, I am able to sense when I'm hurting myself. Now, if you pay close attention to how you feel, talking on your cell phone or using your wireless lap top, you may be able to detect a sensation, perhaps a tingling, or a heating. You may also notice that you have more brain fog than usual, afterward. If you use your cell phone later in the evening, you may notice you have a harder time falling asleep. So this would be a good thing. Because if you can feel it, then, like me, you don't have to wait for the main stream media to catch up with the hundreds of independently funded scientific studies, showing time and time again, that the radiation from our cell phones and Wi-Fi damage our cells. It took at least twenty years of litigation before we could get big tobacco businesses and our own FDA, to label cigarettes harmful to our health.

Presently, in the International Agency for Research on Cancer, they are reviewing two new studies, both of which show a link between tumors and cell phones. One paper shows a clear association between the radiation plume from a cell phone and the location of the tumor. This study will be published in the peer reviewed journal, Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The second study demonstrates an increased risk of acoustic neuromas on the side of the head where a cell phone is used. And I believe that "heavy use" of a cell phone as defined by the study is far surpassed by millions of people today, effectively making them, "extremely heavy users," for which there is no study.

The precarious time in between the rampant use of a substance or product, and the recognition of its toxicity is what this time now is for you. It's your personal wake up call to take your health into your own hands.

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